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About NoorAli Shahabi

Mr. NoorAli Shahabi was a legendary philanthropist, an industrious visionary by nature, an over accomplished engineer and politician, a pioneer in advocacy for girls' education in STEM since early 1960's in the United States, Iran, and Uganda, and a loving, caring, and committed father, son, brother, and friend. He completed his Bachelor degree in Agricultural Engineering in Iran and obtained an advance degree in Business Administration in the United States.

NoorAli Shahabi foundation is the continuation of Mr. NoorAli's 85 years of legacy and his commitment to advancement of agricultural practices, spreading social justice, pioneering girls' education, and his passion for family and community, and his dedication to the greater good.


We will celebrate the inception of NoorAli Shahabi Foundation and our commitment to his legacy for eradicating poverty and feeding children through improving agricultural industries and spreading social injustice and women's rights by our commitment to girls' education every year on his birthday on November, 30.   


The NoorAli foundation is dedicated to Mr. NoorAli's spirit of truth, commitment, compassion, and dedication, and his journey of Love, Service, and Hope for a better future on this earth. 

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