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Women's Education

Girls' education specifically in the areas of STEM in the developing countries has always been one of Mr. NoorAli's main areas of concern. Therefore, it is in Mr. NoorAli's spirit of tireless advocacy for promoting, supporting, and sponsoring girls' education specially in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math that the NoorAli Foundation continues to advocate, promote, and raise support for girls' education in Kampala, Uganda. 

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The NoorAli Foundation's mission is to provide learning opportunities for the girls in the impoverished areas of Kampala through our partnership with the local community and outside resources that make education more accessible for the girls in these areas. 


The vision of the NoorAli Foundation is to place an alternative education system in place in the most impoverished areas of Kampala that would afford the girls in these areas a chance to a better future. 

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