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The Optimist & The Visionary

The NoorAli Shahabi, The Journey of Love, Service, & the Hope for a Better Future 



Life & Education

        NoorAli Shahabi was a brilliant and an over accomplished engineer, a legendary philanthropist, an industrious visionary by nature, and a servant leader to the people across the globe. He was a pioneer in advocacy for girls' education in Silence, Technology, Engineering, and Math since early 1960's in the United States, Iran, and Uganda, and a loving, caring, and committed father, son, brother, and friend. NoorAli completed his Bachelor's degree in Agricultural Engineering in Iran and after obtaining an scholarship he pursued an advanced degree in Business Administration in the United States. After finishing his education in the United States NoorAli moved back to Iran to serve the people of his country, specially in the impoverished areas of Zahedan and Khouzestan where he was originally from. 

Serving in Iran

Embodiment of Spirit of Servant Leadership

  NoorAli's 85 years of legacy and commitment to advancement of sustainable agricultural practices, spreading social justice, pioneering girls' education, his passion for family and community, and his dedication to the greater good which was accompanied by his brilliance and innovative spirit made him a pioneer in the realm of both civil and social services and in the field of sustainable agricultural practices.


Serving in UAE

The Lover of People & The Brilliant Scientist

Mr. Shahabi spent more than 10 years of his life as the primary consultant to the Amir of Abu-Dhabi on the issues of sustainability and innovative practices for the climate specific agricultural practices in United Arab Emirates.

Serving in Africa

He then moved to African country of Kenya following a formal invitation of the sitting President of the country at the time, where he helped and advised the leaders of the country on sustainable growing of crops and addressing the existing issues in deploying advanced agricultural practices and helping the country in modernizing its agricultural systems. 

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