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Feeding Children in Kampala, Uganda

Light is the division of NoorAli Foundation dedicated to helping local families become self sufficient through farming and education,

 while tending to their day to day needs through charitable donations.  


The Mission

Mr. NoorAli was a pioneer in inventing state of the art, environmental friendly, and sustainable agricultural solutions in the harshest climates as well as the the most fertile soils around the globe. His mission was to spread the art and science of agriculture in order to eradicate poverty and hunger in the world. The NoorAli Foundation stays committed to Mr. NoorAli's mission.


As a scientist and an agricultural engineer Mr. NoorAli's vision was to lead through example by his presence and dedicated work in the for fronts of the creative advancements in the agricultural industries in

Africa, United Arab Emirates, and Iran. His vision comprised of a comprehensive model for self-sufficiency in developing countries through sustainable farming and providing and promoting education for girls. 

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