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Week 1 - 8/8/21 Feeding Children in Kampala

We are feeding hundreds of children at every Sunday in the areas of Luzira and Kanyogoga of Kampla, Uganda starting Sunday August,15, 2021. We need your immediate help also consistent support of our work by spreading the word and sharing this link with your network of friends, family, and philanthropists. Hundreds of children in the Luzira and Kanyogoga areas of Kampala, Uganda are facing hunger and severe poverty right now. These children are in desperate need of help as a result of food shortages, lock-downs, and inflation due to the pandemic. Every night these children go to bed hungry and unfortunately they do not seem to be under the radar of any religious, government, humanitarian, or charity organization at this point. Last Sunday on August 8th, we were able to feed close to 200 children and a number of elderly in this area. We did so with the help of a local family who facilitated this amazing operation. However, the need is consistent and that's why we need your help! We are planning to feed these children at least once a week, so that they know no matter how difficult things get during the week, we will be there with our warm food to put a smile on their faces. Our goal is to raise $7,000 to feed at least 200 children as well as elderly and their families once a week for the next 12 months. Our hope is to be able to expand these operations beyond this area if we can raise more than $7,000.

Last Sunday's operation was funded by myself, Afarin Rahmani, in loving memory of my father, Mr. NoorAli Shahabi, who passed away on July 22, 2021 in Kampala, Uganda due to COVID-19. Mr. Shahabi lived his life by example, he was a servant to his people and community regardless of his geographical setting. A true pioneer in servant leadership in the communities he served. His passion for people and public service is unmatched, and it is in his legacy that we are inspired to serve. Mr. Shahabi had been living and working in Africa for the past 20 years and was an Agricultural engineer who was responsible for helping both the government and the people of different regions to adopt the best and most sustainable agricultural practices. His significant impact in the communities he served will be continued by NoorAli Foundation.


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